About us

Novel Non-Metallic Solutions is a non-metallic growth platform born out of a new joint venture between global market leaders. It is a fully enabled challenger brand backed by revolutionary technology to lead the future of non-metallic innovation.


Novel Non-Metallic Solutions innovates, incubates and develops new opportunities in improved-performance, oil-based products. We are simultaneously executing exciting projects while actively seeking viable ideas and capital investment opportunities from industry experts, especially those who will reduce carbon emissions. To connect with Novel, click here.


We are leveraging our expertise and vision to:
  • Establish an agile non-metallic research and development center of excellence.
  • Build local expertize and technological capability to produce sustainable, non-metallic composite solutions of the highest possible quality for a wide range of industries across the MENA region.
  • Be an enabler of Saudi-based SMEs.
  • Lead, drive and enable a global and regional need for transformation of the energy sector by reducing carbon footprint, maintenance, cost and risk. cost and risk.


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Novel Non-Metallic Solutions is a growth
platform, driving a circular economic model that
delivers continuous advancement, innovation
and opportunity from multi-application
components offering superior performance,
capacity and possibility.

We are poised to transform the
entire pipeline sector, its costs, risks,
employment opportunities, sustainability and
environmental impact, with non-metallic
pipelines from composite materials.

A Novel Partnership

Based at the world-class King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) in Saudi Arabia, Novel Non-Metallic Solutions combines the vast insight and infrastructure of Saudi Aramco with the leading edge advancements made by Baker Hughes in the development of non-metallic composite piping substrates.

The joint venture will act as an accelerator for growth in the Kingdom, leveraging the local supply chain and executing the production and manufacturing of components and products.

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Our Values



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 We make a difference wherever we operate.


Wherever we operate we deliver as a good corporate citizen, acting as a catalyst for economic growth, localizing non-metallic manufacturing technologies, demonstrating social responsibility, supporting our communities and building solid relationships with our customers and partners.




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We develop technologies to gain competitive advantage.


Technology is wired into our DNA, we develop unique non-metallic technologies that challenge the status quo, providing our customers with more efficient, sustainable and technologically advanced solutions.




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We empower people to deliver with integrity.


While operating with autonomy, authority and integrity, every one of our employees is accountable for achieving the company objectives with absolute adherence to corporate ESG in day-to-day operations.

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We execute on sound financial principles.


Novel is a non-metallic growth platform; we apply an agile growth strategy to a multi-sectoral space. We grow by following set financial principles and through investing in our People, Technologies and Research & Development.

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We deliver and maintain financial independence.


Delivering superior profits will ensure that we maintain our independence, sustain our investment in our people and technologies, and provide financial returns to our shareholders.