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Innovation R&D

Deploying innovative solutions towards improved products and systems.


Novel Non-Metallic Solutions is a non-metallic growth platform specifically committed to the development of sustainable and cost-effective non-metallic solutions for multisectoral applications.


At Novel, we aim to revolutionize the way energy is explored and distributed. With efficient, sustainable and safe non-metallic solutions, we can mark the shift towards a low-carbon economy, targeting corrosion-free, long-service life systems with recyclable components. Corrosion costs around 3% to 4% of GDP of industrialized countries.

Our commitment to R&D and creating new benchmark solutions sees Novel investing a significant amount of shareholder equity to become a unique platform for non-metallic applications growth in the region.

We innovate, incubate, develop and execute composite materials technology, focusing on the
development, manufacturing and establishment of a non-metallic center of excellence in the region.

                               Our portfolio of non-metallic solutions answers
                               to industry problems. These solutions include:

Downhole composite tubing and casing
for reduced installation costs and time, and stronger, more flexible and lighter alternatives in different applications and conditions.

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hydrogen pressure Vessels
are among innovative solutions to support energy transition and industry decarbonization.

Cost-effective and premium raw materials and prepreg tapes
for composite components spanning applications in Oil and Gas value chains and beyond.

Manufacturing of stronger, lighter high-performance components
in different industries beyond the Oil and Gas value chain, such as automotive, construction, renewables and packaging.

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Our Non-Metallic Growth Strategy


At Novel, we consistently collaborate with our customers and technology partners, to invent and introduce new technology solutions to the market.

Our aim is to introduce highly competitive and efficient non-metallic products across
multiple industries, covering Energy, Mining, Utilities, Automotive and Building
& Construction applications.


Our growth strategy is executed with well defined processes and procedures, governing the adoption of
candidate new business opportunity from product conception to commercialization.

The use of non-metallic materials, including
polymers and composites, is growing rapidly.


While plastic polymers are utilized extensively in many industries, the use of composites and reinforced plastics has been limited. This is due to the cost associated with both the reinforcing materials as well as the composite manufacturing process.

In recent years, stricter global regulations to reduce emissions and carbon footprint have pushed various industries to increasingly replace metallic structures with composite alternatives. For example, in the automotive industry, the use of carbon fiber composites, can reduce the weight of a vehicle by more than 50%, increasing fuel efficiency and the distance the vehicle can travel per unit volume of fuel (MPG).

Other drivers for the adoption of composites include:
  • Better corrosion resistance, especially in humid and coastal areas, and consequently
    fewer maintenance costs.
  • Mechanical advantages, such as a higher strength to weight ratio.
  • Improved reliability and resistance to fatigue.
  • Superior thermal conductivity in harsh environments, with improved creep and
    chemical change resistance.

Polymers allow for better dimension control, flexibility, and conformity to surfaces, which accommodates more complex shapes and designs.

Research and Development


Research and development is necessary in order to reduce the cost of enforcement materials (e.g. carbon fiber) and manufacturing time, while increasing the operating envelope of composites to accommodate a wider range of temperatures, pressures and corrosive materials.

Development activities and trends therefore revolve around material development, selection, and testing to meet or exceed environmental and government regulations. Numerical simulations for structural dynamics and fluid flow are widely conducted, while the development of innovative additive manufacturing technologies enables the quick production of prototypes.

“Non-metallics are poised to transform the energy and other sectors by enhancing the safety, integrity and reliability of products, and signicantly reducing maintenance and deployment costs, as well as carbon dioxide emissions. As a growth platform, Novel is boldly exploring new collaborative opportunities to accelerate the development and production of industry-leading, Oil-based non-metallic products. We are also creating jobs, building the Kingdom's knowledge economy, expertise and manufacturing capacity, and helping to foster the growth of an emerging and innovative sector. This is all aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 to expand the Kingdom's commercial ecosystem and promote domestic investment.

Wa’el Tashkandi - Novel Non-Metallic Solutions, CEO.