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Onshore Pipelines

Comparison number of connections:

4.5 Kilometers of 4-inch



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Safer, Quicker Deployment in Challenging Terrain

To install Novel’s composite flexible pipe, a backhoe opens the ditch, the piping is lifted in and hundreds of meters are laid with no welding and connection halts. Due to its lightweight nature, flexible composite piping equivalent to 20-30 truckloads of heavy steel piping, can be fitted onto one reel and loaded onto one truck. Fewer vehicles during installation has environmental benefits (and improves the operator’s return on investment). And because our thermoplastic pipework is manufactured from recyclable composite materials, it is also simple to remove.

Our non-metallic piping significantly reduces the safety risks faced by services companies in the energy sector, and with zero risk of corrosion and wall-thickness loss, and far fewer ‘joins’, the potential for leaks is also significantly reduced. Plus, the smooth interior of our piping translates into a better flow rate.

Thanks to Novel’s advanced technology and additive manufacturing possibilities, our piping can be optimized to your needs:
  • Customers can stipulate their preferred diameter, pressure rating, temperature capacity, and stiffness, etc.
  • Customers also have a choice of different lining options: nylon-lined for high pressures, temperatures, permeation & paraffin buildup; PPS-lined for extremely corrosive environments with high H2S, CO2 or bacteria; and HDPE-lined for transport or disposal of fresh or produced water.

In addition to these benefits, our clients can expect to pay 20-30% less than the installed cost of steel pipes.

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1 Supervisor

2 Equipment operators

3 Laborers

2 Welders (beads & hot pass/cap)

2 Welders helpers

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1 Supervisor

1 Equipment operator

2 Laborers

Our Industry-Disrupting Flexible Composite Piping

Hdpe Small image
HDPE-lined Composite

High temp > 180 degrees

PPS small image
PPS-lined Composite

High H2S, CO2 or bacterial environments

PPS small image
Nylon-lined Composite

High temps, permeation and paraffin build-up