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Velocity Strings

Velocity strings with multiple advantages over their metal counterparts.


RTP Velocity Strings

As the Oil/Gas reservoirs mature, production rates fall significantly and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies become necessary to maintain the production potential. Novel's RTP velocity strings solutions, offer a cost competitive alternative to CAPEX heavy EORs. By utilizing smaller production tubing ID deployed riglessly to maintain reservoir potential.


Product rate/VIP IPR pressure diagram

Compared to their steel alternative, our RTP velocity strings provide multiple advantages:
  • RTP velocity strings come in continuous spoolable lengths on reels that are compatible with coil tubing units. This allows for rigless installation, significantly reducing time and cost to deploy these strings in place.
  • Due to their inherent non-metallic nature, the RTP velocity strings promise a corrosion-free system, offering a significantly longer life (up to 20+ years) with no corrosion or scaling issues.
  • Moreover, the interior of the RTP velocity string has a significantly smoother surface which reduces friction losses along the depth, enabling improved production rates.



RTP velocity pipe image




Rate/ID diagram

Novel can deliver a holistic, integrated velocity string solution, leveraging expertise at project level, component level and operational level, to tackle all aspects across the RTP velocity string's project lifetime.